Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Just shot this an hour ago using my DSLR Canon Rebel T3i with a shutter speed of 20 seconds. It was set up using a tripod, and the photo was slightly darkened later in Photoshop. A big shoutout to those who helped me get this shot, because it wouldn't have been possible without you!

Sewer Trails

Sometimes there are things you just don't know about. Many people travel out of state to visit national parks, reserves, geysers, canyons, you name it, but when in reality, some of the most beautiful places are right here in front of us in Southeast Iowa. We just need to open our eyes and look around us, because there is a whole lot of beauty right here where we are at. We have waterfalls, bluffs, forests, ravines, and various other off-the-beaten places that are worth visiting. This past Saturday I discovered the Sewer Trails in Burlington, Iowa along with some family members. These unique trails are hidden underneath a rustic bridge, and they travel throughout a forest. It's really beautiful, and semi ghetto-ish, but it's worth your time. Here are a few pictures:

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Storm Clouds from Last Night

It looked like it was going to be a good storm. But nothing ever happened. Maybe a brief shower of rain and a gust of wind, but besides that..nothing. I didn't really mind, because the clouds were really cool either way. I didn't think I was going to make it under the front in time, but thankfully I made it anyways. By the time I set up and starting taking pictures, the large front looked really awesome!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Experimenting with Photoshop Elements 11 and Macro Photography

How I got this photo:

-Used a macro lens
-Placed camera in front of lighted window
-Used clone stamp tool in Photoshop Elements 11 to transfer the bridge photo onto the lens

Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Update

The TOR:CON index has dropped down to a 4, and the main threat has shifted to western Iowa. There is still a threat for severe weather tonight, but hopefully, we will miss out on the worst. The main threats will be high winds, hail, and downpours.

Friday, May 8, 2015


I just want to give the heads-up that the probability of having a tornado Sunday is quickly going up. It was lower yesterday, and now the probability went up. There is a possibility for a tornado/severe weather outbreak Sunday, and right now the details aren't still clear. All I know is that the TOR:CON index is going up for the whole state of Iowa Sunday, and we are currently at a 5 on the scale. For those that don't know, the TOR:CON index gives the probability of having a tornado in an area on a scale of one to ten following these conditions:
8+ Very high probability of a tornado 
6 - High probability of a tornado
4 - Moderate chance of a tornado nearby, but hail and/or high wind gusts possible
2 - Low chance of a tornado, but hail and/or high wind gusts possible
0 - Near-zero chance of a tornado or a severe thunderstorm
As you can see, 5 puts Iowa above a moderate risk of having a tornado/severe weather. I'll keep in touch on my blog, but for now keep an eye on the weather. Sunday could get interesting. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Out Catching them Storms

As soon as I got home from school, and heard the weather radio go off, I sprinted out of the house carrying around 46384323 items in my hand. I swung my car door open and tossed everything in, and then proceeded to tear out of the driveway like a maniac. Just kidding. I actually made a calm exit, but that makes the story better. Either way, I parked myself in a church parking lot, and watched the rain start to fall on my windshield. I turned on my wireless hotspot and hooked up all my radars. The storm was covered in rain from the front, so it took a while for the wall cloud to become clearly visible. When that happened, I immediately go out of my car and started taking as many pictures as possible. It was dark, and the trees were still. Once it seemed that I might get sucked up into the clouds, I piled  back into my car and parked under the carport. To my dismay, I heard that the gusts coming could reach 60 mph, but luckily shelter was nearby. As soon I tossed all my gear in my bag and started running for shelter, the wind picked up, and I was practically running in place. My hair was flying in all directions, and I found the door, but I couldn't get it in, and the clouds were looming overhead. On a whim I got back in my car, and gunned it home like Jimmy Johnson. So that may have been a little exaggerated, but I gotta keep it interesting. Here's some pictures.